About me

Here some facts and figures about me :)




Melanie Elizabeth Thompson


04.04.1985, typical aries :)

Place of birth

Berlin, Germany

Where I'm now

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

What I do

I'm a biology student at Frankfurt University, just passed my diploma exams and start writing my diploma thesis in August 2009. After that I definetely want to do my Phd :)

What others say about me, how I am

Ambitious (sometimes too much), not easy to put down, focussed, honest, loyal, tidy, exact

What I like

Look that up under Do's and Don'ts :)

What I don't like

You'll also find that under Do's and Don'ts :)

My hobbies

Take a walk through the forrest of being :)

If you want to tell my how awesome this page is, where can you find me

I suggest you take a look at the contact-section :)