Here I want to introduce you to some cats that I know or knew :)


This is Lea.

Lea is the cat of my soon-to-be parents-in-law and I know her just as long as I know my fiancÚ Manuel, since 2002.

Lea is a cat you can't ruffle...and sleeping is one of her favorites ;)

This is Miene.

Miene was my own cat, but eventually I got a really bad cat-hair-allergy and had to give her to my parents.

There she feels jsut fine and is enjoying her own garden...and a giant litter box ;)

This is Kater.

He was the cat of my family and a very intelligent and human-oriented animal.

Sadly he died way to early because of kidney failure... but we'll never gonna forget him, ever...

This is Miss Wuschel.

Miss Wuschel is not her real name, just the one I gave to her. She is a cat in the neighborhood of my fiancÚ Manuel and I actually don't know her real name. :)

But she comes to visit us sometimes...and sometimes some things from the barbeque are left over for her :)

These are Kiaras (red) and Azila (white/dark).

Kiaras and Azila are the cats of my former roommates

They came to us when they were really young and it was exciting so watch them grow up :)