Do's & Don'ts

What I like, and what I don't like, all on this page :)


Things I like
(my) animals
the ocean
baked-potatoes with tzatziki :)
Point and Click Computergames like Day of the Tentacle or Monkey Island
Simulation-Computergames like the Sims, at the moment Sims 3
my totally green balcony
small decoration stuff like my mushroom-houses on my balcony :D
Shaun the sheep and sheep in general :)
earrings, I have several per ear
glittering, blinking, colorful stuff
my science-books
scientific working
criminalistic, profiling
Things I don't like
needles under my skin, especially in my veins :(
meat and chicken to eat (I only eat fish sometimes)
artichokes and olives
35+C in the shade
slime, and all slimy stuff
women with prams/baby buggies, thinking all the world have to have regards for them