Besides all my other hobbies I have a real passion for musicals. Eventually I wasn't able to see as many musicals by now as I wanted to, but as a poor student this is not surprising.

I hope in the next few years I'm able to see more, so here is just the short list of the musicals I've seen so far:


Dance of the vampires A wunderful peppy musical about a professor and his young apprentice, who try to unreval uncover the mystery of the Count von Krolock
Falco meets Amadeus A modern rock-musical about the singer Falco and his resemblance to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, two self-destrucive geniuses
The phantom of the opera The classical musical of all time about a jung girl and her teacher, the phantom of the opera
The lion king The most colorful musical I've seen so far, about a little lion on his long hard way becoming king