Another one of my hobbies are tattoos :)

I can call four tattoos my own and there are surely more to come :)

Here, some pictures of my acquisitions:


My butterfly on my ankle was my first tattoo, done in the summer of 2005
My fairies where my first larger project and my second tattoo, done in the summer of 2006
My self-designed pagan symbol combines the Wiccan symbols for goddess and god and the wheel of being, which represents the four elements connected by a fifth - balance, done in the spring of 2008
My Tentacle :D Maybe some of you recognise the little fella from the game "Day of the tentacle". I wanted to have this one done, because the tentacle is my absolute hero, the reason: all you need to conquer the world are two arms! :) Done in the spring of 2008

And a nice warm greeting goes to Hansi and Kerstin von Ritter, my personal tattoo-artists :)