One of the hobbies my fiancé introduced me to is wrestling.

We both looked into wrestling when we where still kids (he more than I did), especially today's WWE, but lost interest in that one day.

This was when Manuel started to watch WWE's Monday Night Raw very regularly some time ago.

He infected me with the wrestling fever soon afterwards and I suggested, that we take a look into WWE's Friday Night SmackDown aswell, just to make things complete...and so that I could watch the Undertaker ;)

Since then we've been watching wrestling for quite some time on a regular basis now, and enjoy the sweaty men made of iron trying to destroy one another.

But not only we've been watching them on TV! Meanwhile we were able to watch them live on the Europe tours of the WWE :)

Here some impressions from the live events:


WWE SmackDown/ECW WrestleMania Revenge Tour 2008 Strasbourg, France

WWE SmackDown/ECW Survivor Series Tour 2008 Dortmund, Germany