Zombies? What the heck? Is surely the first question you, my dearest readers, are asking yoursef now. Well, just zombies ;)

I have real crush on zombies...and...between you and me, I have the dream of sometime creating my own zombie-virus...and the vaccination will be given out by me very selectively ;)

Zombie-movies I've seen so far are:

Night of the living dead [1968]
Dawn of the dead [1978]
Day of the dead [1985]
28 days later [2002]
Resident evil [2002]
Shaun of the dead ;) [2004]
Dawn of the dead [2004]
Resident evil - Apocalypse [2004]
Land of the dead [2005]
Miniserie Dead Set [2008]

My passion for zombies is meanwhile well known to everyone that knows me, so that I got very cool zombie-presents for my birthday: the rulebook for a Zombie-RPG ("All flesh must be eaten") and a zombie-boardgame with expansion-pack ("Zombies!!!" und "Zombies!!! 2 Zombie-Corps(e)") from my closest friends. :D

We'll see, how many more zombie-tastic things wait for me in the future :)