When I first decided to study biology it was because I was fairly good at it in school and I really liked the subject genetics. So the plan was to finish the elementary studies as soon as possible, especially all plants concerning stuff, and beginn with the main studies and chose genetics as one of the subjects I was able to pick. What would be me 2nd and 3rd subject I didn't think about at the beginn of my studies. Because genetics is a subject every biology-student at our university wants to pick, we were told that we should select it as the last of our three main subjects, so that our chanced to get a seat would be maximum. Because I found microbiology most interesting of all my options I chose this one. I mean, we took a short glimps into this subject in our elementary studies, but because of the 200 and more students it was rather narrow.

Chosing microbiology as my first main subject was, looking back, the best decision I've ever made. This subject totally cast a spell over me, so that in the first few weeks I was absolutely certin: Here I stay, here I make my diploma thesis, here I won't leave!

My microbe-fascination meanwhile is known to all my family and friends, and so it was absolutely gratifying for me to get this for my passed diploma exams:

Yeah, you're correct, an arm full of giant-plush-microbes :D

(from left to right: E. coli (brown with dark-brown threads/flagella), eine brain cell (grey), Ebola (brown), Eppstein-Barr-Virus (pink), Bordetella pertussis (yellow), tuberculosis (green), red blood cell, sleeping sickness (violett), chicken pox (white with red ring), fat cell (skin-colored), Salmonella typhimurium (white with red threads/flagella), heartworm (lyring with collar), white blood cell, the cyanobacterium Anabaena (green balls with brown ball/heterocyst in the middle)).

My microbe-buzz has not come to an end yet, so maybe at this point I'm going to introduce my new pet and topic of my diploma thesis sometime: Halobacillus halophilus .